Test Forestry IQ

Forests are an important part of North Carolina’s environment, economy, history and culture. But just how much do you know about this important resource in our state. Answer the following questions and then check your answers to test your Forestry IQ.

1. What percent of North Carolina is forested?

2. Who owns the majority of forest land in North Carolina?

3. What is North Carolina’s national rank in terms of total forest acreage?

4. In 1996-1997, how many trees were planted in North Carolina?

5. How much paper and paper board does the average American use in a year?

6. What is the predominant composition of tree species in North Carolina’s forests?

7. What was Congress’ primary purpose for creating the National Forest system?

8. How does North Carolina’s forest products industry compare to other manufacturing industries in the state in terms of employment?

9. Which forest produces more oxygen per pound of wood?

10. Which of the following products come(s) from trees?